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WashingTECH applauds internet platforms for suspending President Trump's social media accounts

Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion


Contact: Joseph Shepherd Miller, Esq., Founder & CEO

The Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion --d/b/a WashingTECH, Inc.

7 January 2021

(703) 994-4546

WashingTECH applauds internet companies for suspending

President Trump's Social Media Accounts

Washington, DC -- With the 2020 presidential election behind us and Congress' certification of the results, the Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion* applauds Facebook, Shopify, Twitch, and Twitter for suspending President Donald J. Trump's social media and e-commerce accounts.

But, what took so long?

Over many years, Mr. Trump has repeatedly used his platforms, including social media, to incite violence. Yesterday's events in Washington, D.C., during which insurgents, on the president's behalf, sieged and occupied the U.S. Capitol Building, were a disgrace to democracy, our constitution, and the rule of law.

These events would not have happened were it not for the president's seemingly incessant stream of incendiary remarks during his one term in office. In some cases, Trump directly attempted to incite members of groups like "The Proud Boys." These are groups the Southern Policy Law Center, and others, have found to be extremist hate groups.

While we commend these companies for their responses today, the warning signs have been apparent for quite some time.

Although President-Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris face critical challenges, this organization looks forward to a new era. Hopefully, it will be an era during which technology companies take the diverse viewpoints of women, people of color, disabled Americans, older workers, and other marginalized groups, seriously. These groups deserve more than a "seat at the table." They deserve respect, security, and swift action against those using social media to demonstrate their intent to commit harm.

*The views expressed here are those of the Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion only and do not necessarily reflect the views of its staff, officers, Board of Directors, partners, sponsors, or anyone else.


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