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5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online Checklist

  • Learn about the global forces and threats that make protecting our kids online more important than ever.

  • Discover how to talk to your kids so they can keep themselves safe when you're not around.

  • Find out how to monitor your kids without having to stand over them.

  • Identify where your kids are most vulnerable online.

  • Get practical guidance for taking action immediately.


Viewpoint Diversity: A Common Sense Guide

Throughout American history, powerful interests have devised clever ways to suppress the voices of women and people of color. The civil rights gains of the 1960s thwarted past mechanisms of arson, harassment, and pre-emption.


Today, the descendants of anti-abolitionists want the Supreme Court to impose a "viewpoint diversity" definition on the Federal Communications Commission that would prohibit federal agencies from considering race and gender as ingredients of a person's viewpoint. 

This paper reviews the history of these efforts and how they have always facilitated propaganda, hate speech, disinformation, and misinformation (aka "fake news").

Citizens' widespread use of mobile devices to record the police during stops raises important concerns. Well-intentioned bystanders and victims of police violence in some jurisdictions may overestimate their Constitutional rights. Misunderstanding these rights has led to criminal liability in states where the audio or video recording of police interactions is a crime.

This 2019 cheat sheet helps clarify where the law stands in each state. However, one should always conduct theirown research to make a final determination on where the law stands today.

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