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WashingTech fights for privacy rights and information accuracy by teaching  tech policy  to everyone who wants to shape the future of the internet.


Learn about the global forces and threats that make protecting our kids online more important than ever.

  • Discover how to talk to your kids so they can keep themselves safe when you're not around.

  • Find out how to monitor your kids without having to stand over them.

  • Identify where your kids are most vulnerable online.

  • Get practical guidance for taking action immediately.

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What people are saying
What people are saying

"Joe Miller is wonderful -- a great host, brilliant interlocutor, and incredibly engaging."

Danielle Citron,

Jefferson Scholars Foundation Schenck Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law, author of 'Hate Crimes in Cyberspace' (2014) and 'The Fight for Privacy: Protecting Dignity, Identity and Love in the Digital Age' (2022), and

2019 MacArthur Fellow

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Our Partners

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