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WashingTech Files Comments in the FTC's Commercial Surveillance Proceeding

The Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion (WashingTech) filed comments in the Federal Trade Commission's Commercial Surveillance & Data Security proceeding.

WashingTech noted the abundance of research available to inform the proceeding, including the diverse perspectives of leading voices in this space it has helped amplify, since 2015, via its podcast, Tech Policy Leaders.

WashingTech also advocated for a protected class-conscious competition policy alternative to the outdated "neoclassical" model it began implementing in the 1930s, a time during which the non-white population in the United States was 11 percent, compared to 41 percent today, according the the US Census, and Jim Crow was fully in force.

WashingTech's full comments:

FTC Commercial Surveillance 2022
Download PDF • 214KB



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