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Board of Directors

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  • Michelle O'Grady - LinkedIn
  • Michelle O'GRady Caballero - Twitter

Michelle O'Grady Cabellero is a change agent and skilled strategist committed to impacting systematic societal change. As Founder and CEO of Team Friday, Michelle leads cross-functional creative teams focused on shifting culture, building purpose, furthering causes, and creating impact through collaboration and innovation. Michelle and her team have developed narrative and marketing solutions for a variety of organizations including:

- Resource Legacy Fund and the management of the Parks Now Coalition
- Whole Foods and strategic partnership development for its market expansion with Fare Conversations
- Uplift Inglewood and communications and storytelling development for their local and statewide public policy initiatives.
- First 5 Los Angeles and support of communications for Region 1 Best Start Communities
- The California Endowment and building narrative change with South LA Building Healthy Communities
- TruConnect and strategic communications for the expansion of Lifeline in California
- AARP and developing a comprehensive partnership and engagement strategy for Los Angeles County.

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