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WashingTech recognizes the importance of strong, consistent collaboration for our ability to thrive in our mission for a safe and informed cyberspace. Our generous sponsors have helped us reach great heights! Without them, our accomplishments wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.

We are grateful for your support.

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Founders ($250K+)

Joseph S.  & Nichole S. Williams-Miller, Esqs.

Platinum ($10K+)

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In 2021, Democracy Fund & MDF collectively earned the distinction of being the first sponsor, in any category, to support WashingTech, and the Tech Policy Leaders podcast, with a 6-figure unrestricted donation ($125,000).

The mission of the Democracy Fund is to "champion the leaders who defend democracy and who challenge our political system to be more just." Media Democracy Fund (MDF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable philanthropy, and a grantee of the Democracy Fund. 


MDF's mission is to catalyze "an open, secure, and equitable internet."

Our 6-month strategic planning process in 2022 simply would not have been possible without Democracy Fund & MDF's generous support.


MDF is also a project of the New Venture Fund. 


With the support of 50 of the largest philanthropies, New Venture Fund's vision is "an equitable world build on respect, access, opportunity, distributed power, and advancement of all people."

MDF's objective to convene "diverse voices to design inclusive and responsible solutions, and empower public interest advocates to create an environment where digital technologies and the internet have a long term, positive impact on society," directly aligns with WashingTech's mission to "fight for privacy rights and information accuracy by teaching technology law & policy to everyone who wants to shape the future of the internet."

We deeply appreciate Google's support throughout the years. With the exception of 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has supported WashingTech since 2015, when it donated $50,000, in general support, to fund our tech policy podcast, Tech Policy Leaders -- the first tech policy podcast in the world. 

As of 2023, the company has donated an additional $125,000 to WashingTech, an amount that is substantial but nowhere near the $500k+ funding that an organization like Center for Democracy and Technology receives from Google in a single year.

Google deserves recognition for being the first commercial technology company to see the need for better representation of historically marginalized professionals working in the tech policy industry itself. Only since the murder of George Floyd, in 2020, have other Washington, D.C.-based organizations begun to engage on this issue, including the Federal Communications Bar Association, which didn't launch its excellent Diversity Pipeline until 2021.

No technology company has stepped up in the same way.


In 2016, Google launched its Google Next Gen Policy Leaders Network (Next Gen), of which our Founder & CEO has been an active participant since its inception. Next Gen has fostered fellowship, and a sense of inclusion and belonging, by hosting Summits at all of Google's U.S. campuses. These Summits are designed as workshops interspersed with networking events.  


Next Gen, with its over 100 members, and WashingTech, with its over 300+ podcast interviews of technology policy experts located outside the beltway, have walked the walk for nearly a decade.

Silver ($1k+)


Team Friday

Progress Chamber

David Goodfriend, Esq.

Dr. Thomas Kamber

Dr. Charlton McIlwain

Marie Sylla-Dixon, Esq.

Gold (up to $1k)


Hon. Mignon Clyburn

Ms. Dana Crowley

Dorrissa Griffin, Esq.

Ms. Ashkhen Kazaryan

Mr. Brendan Kelsey

Dr. Clarissa Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Rachel Oh

Ms. Michelle O'Grady-Cabellero

Ms. Yolanda Rondon

Sergio Selvera, Esq.

Ms. Joycelyn Tate

Cloris Kylie, MBA

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