Board of Directors


Charlton D. McIlwain, PhD, Chairman of the Board

Charlton McIlwain is Vice Provost or Faculty Engagement and Development; Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. 


Michelle O'Grady Caballero, Founding Director & Treasurer 


Michelle is a change agent and skilled strategist committed to impacting systematic societal change. As Founder and CEO of Team Friday, Michelle leads cross-functional creative teams focused on shifting culture, building purpose, furthering causes, and creating impact through collaboration and innovation. 


Sergio Selvera, Esq. Founding Director and Board Secretary


Sergio Selvera is a Partner with Rodgers Selvera PLLC in Houston, TX where he leads the firm's entertainment portfolio.

David Goodfriend.jpeg

David Goodfriend, Esq., Director


David Goodfriend is President of The Goodfriend Group, a public policy advocacy firm; founding partner of 1600 Group (www.1600group.com), a strategic communications and dual-partisan media and advocacy firm; and Of Counsel at the law firm of Weiner, Brodsky & Kider.


Dorrissa Griffin, Esq., CAE, Director

Dorrissa is Chief of Staff and Staff Counsel at the Multicultural Media, Internet & Telecom Council, a not-for-profit focused on diversity and inclusion in the media, telecommunications, and technology industries. 


Tom Kamber.jpeg

Tom Kamber, Director

Tom Kamber is an award-winning social entrepreneur, educator and activist who has created new initiatives in aging, technology, affordable housing and the arts. As founder and executive director of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), Tom launched Senior Planet, the country’s first technology-themed community center for older adults, which has operations in six states and hundreds of locations.



Adam Kovacevich, Director

Adam Kovacevich (Kuh-VACK-uh-VITCH) is the Founder and CEO of the Chamber of Progress, a new center-left tech industry policy coalition promoting technology’s progressive future.  The organization works to ensure that all Americans benefit from technological leaps, and that the tech industry operates responsibly and fairly.


Joe Miller111636.jpg

Joseph S. Miller, Esq., Founding Chairman, President & CEO


Founded in 2014, WashingTECH is the Inclusive Voice of Tech Law and Policy in Washington, D.C. Via its bi-weekly newsletter, podcast, and live events, WashingTECH is a hub focused on the intersection between tech law and policy, social justice, and inclusion. 

Marie Sylla-Dixon.jpeg

Marie Sylla-Dixon, Esq., Director


Marie is Chief Diversity Officer at Raytheon Technologies. She has 20+ years of regulatory, government affairs, public affairs, corporate social responsibility, and diversity & inclusion experience.


Joseph Shepherd Miller, Esq., Founder, President & CEO